Sun damage to the skin can be a painful ordeal not mentioning the aesthetic damage it can have on your overall look. While some people will blame you for wanting to spend the day basking under the wrath of UV rays, only a person who has undergone a similar ordeal can really comprehend what it means to have your skin damaged by the sun. The reality of sun damage to our faces is that by the time an individual is 18 years old; their skin has already suffered 23% damage from the sun. Depending on the extent of the burns, it may take days or weeks for the pain to ease and restore your skin tone. It might have been by error or omission, but the effect of sun burns can be reversed naturally.

  • Vitamin C

As far as skin restoration is concerned, vitamin C stands for combat because of the repairing properties it has on tissue. Argan oil available incorporates vitamin C in its formulation, making it possible for you to condition your skin, and restore it back to its natural beauty. Since vitamin C safely reduces the amount of melanin produced, it is effective in fading burn spots caused by over exposure. It is best to use pure virgin argan oil like the one here

  • Antioxidants

Did you ever hear someone say that you are what you eat? You may want to ingest some of that vitamin E from eating lots of avocados but an alternative would be to use avocado oil as part of your daily skin regiment. Vitamin E found in Marula oil, an antioxidant falls under the broader class of antioxidants which act to nourish and protect skin. Slice Of Nature pure marula oil is excellent and comes at a very fair price, buy it here

  • Exfoliation

Exfoliating is not the same as scrubbing. While the intention is right, the procedure has to be correct. Rhassoul clay exfoliating clay, makes it possible for you to reduce the flakiness in your skin, while at the same time drawing out any oils and impurities present. 100% natural clay does a wonderful job and you can purchase it at our shop at only $12.99 here

For many people, the approach would be to sit back and let nature heal them. Well, this is really cool and cheap but why let nature do all the work when she has already given us the tools to achieve more in less time. It is quite a relief to know that your skin can go back to how it was prior to sun damage but as all doctors say, prevention is the best medicine.

After application of our natural skin mositurizers we at Slice Of Nature suggest an additional step of daily sunscreen application should be a practice that never loses its relevance. Did you know that UV rays are present even when it is raining? This means that sunscreen should be applied all the time. Speak to your dermatologist or skin care therapist to know which type is best for your skin type.

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